Thursday, July 24, 2014

Vegan Sugar-free Sneakers Ice-cream

I've always loved ice cream... and I am totally in the mood of experimenting with my new ice cream maker!!!

My substitutions:

I used normal coconut milk, not canned! And I also chose potato starch instead of arrowroot powder -- something I cannot find here.

For a creamy ice cream, you’ll probably need an ice cream maker… I think you can also make this one using a blender, but its so much work! I never did it, and I really don’t intend to… I’ve already made some vegan ice creams in the blender but only those that require bananas or butters and that's it.

As per machine instructions, keep in mind that this is no "normal" recipe: vegan ice-creams work in mysterious ways. For example, mine indicated I should let it churn 20-30 minutes… Actually I had to stop around 10 minutes because it was already super hard and then I couldn’t properly add the peanuts and choc chips anymore… So, be careful. When you're half the way, pay close attention and check if it’s not already time to turn your machine off.

TIP: Use the Date Caramel Sauce on top :)


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