Friday, July 11, 2014

Express Hazelnut Ice Cream

It’s summer. It’s hot. And I’m busy. I made this during a pause:

1 frozen banana (a very ripe banana chopped and then frozen)
1 TBS hazelnut butter

That's it J Pulse/Process the banana cubes with the butter until smooth. Serve immediately. 

There's no need to sweeten or to have an ice cream maker. 

It’s incredibly GOOD. You can use any natural butter of your preference (Almond, Hazelnut, Peanut...)

- Let bananas ripen until the peel is spotted and then chop + freeze them in batches of 1. I always have 3-5 batches of frozen bananas in my freezer for "emergencies" like this.
- Do not make this previously and freeze, it loses creaminess. Vegan ice creams are much better fresh!

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