Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Healthy Brigadeiros

World Cup 2014 in Brazil is almost over, it’s time to celebrate with Brigadeiros, a typical Brazilian treat!

ABOUT BRIGADEIROS: Brigadeiro is the most known sweet in Brazil; a typical treat at birthday
parties. Of course they are made with sweetened condensed milk, lots of sugar, butter, need to be heated blablabla but this kind of thing doesn’t belong to this blog hehe So I made my own version with the help of a recipe I found online.

My substitutions compared to original recipe on the link below:

Instant coffee -> Nothing. I didn’t have any and wouldn’t buy some just for one recipe…
Whole-rolled oats -> Multi grain porridge mix (fine flour) -- not gluten-free, but you can change this.


- Since I didn’t use whole-rolled oats, I was able to skip the processing part and had it all hand made. I just put all ingredients in a bowl and mixed them until optimal consistency.
- I used less than a cup of porridge mix, otherwise it would have been too dry, start with ¾ cup. You can make it gluten-free using a g-free mix/oat.
- Remember to grease your hands before rolling the balls, otherwise they will stick to your fingers and the sprinkles will not hold to them (oh, don’t forget to remove your rings or wear disposable gloves!).

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