Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Almond and walnut pulp "cheese"

I'm getting really obsessed with vegan cheese :P

I had a small amount of walnuts hanging around and mixed them with almonds to make my homemade milk. So, what to do with the pulp? Cheese You can use any nuts to make it.

The cheese is great; I enjoyed it for breakfast with some molasses over plantain bread. 

Based on a recipe from Veganana, my favorite Brazilian vegan blog!!! 
Click the link and scroll down for English version – the blog is gradually being updated with recipes in English; you’ll soon be able to enjoy everything she has to offer!

(BRASIL: A Veganana é o máximo para quem gosta de receitas vegetarianas/veganas! Sigam o blog dela! Aliás, ela vende Nutritional Yeast para quem quiser, basta encomendar lá.)

From Veganana

Recipe: http://blog.veganana.com.br/2012/07/queijo-de-macadamia.html

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