Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Raw Layered Banana Ice Cream Cake

Now… that’s long because I wanted to make a full review on this, and I admit I'm proud of myself I didn't mess this all up.

I love cakes, ice-cream, and bananas. This looked like a good deal! But I feel the need to tell you exactly how it was/is.

I’ll start describing the layers. Actually I totally ignored the crust and maple drizzle, so that’s all I have anyway!

I have very little patience for details; I never EVER considered making those thin cute layers you see in the original recipe, I am super lazy and far from a pastry chef. So I just made the layers individually and poured each of them at once in my small 17 cm spring form pan.
Black layer: Tastes like banana ice-cream… creamy and with a chocolate twist. If you like banana, you'll find it tasty, I liked it.
White layer: It’s nutty. Couldn’t exactly describe… It was a nice vanilly-creamy mix.
Pink layer: My husband said it tasted like raspberries; and he is right, if I didn’t know there were beets there, I would say it was some fruit sorbet. Tasty.
Green layer: Tastes like frozen mint; the avocado doesn’t seem to play any role in the flavor. Nothing special, I would skip it next time, or maybe it works better when thinly layered as per original recipe.

And now my general opinion about it:

Negative side:
- It takes a hell of a time to freeze layers, than making the next one, then freeze…zzzzzzzzzzzz Don’t get me wrong: it’s easy, but laborious.
- Good luck in cutting a frozen cake, we used a big sharp warm knife, running the blade under very hot water; and it took some minutes. We also had to be careful: the bottom part of the cake slides and it can FLY AWAY ;) then… NO CAKE FOR YOU!

Positive side:

- It’s nutritious and one small slice is enough to make you happy.
- It’s frozen, so it can be stored for a longer period.
- It’s sweet, will kill your cravings for sure.
- You can have it for breakfast during the whole week – c’mon, it’s basically fruits.
- You can make your kids eat beets and nuts and they won’t even notice because… it’s ice-cream (but I would skip green layer and turn it into Napolitan ice).

Results: Thumbs up for the taste, thumbs down for the long process.

All in all, it was so pretty I couldn’t resist trying it, it just needs a little bit more effort!

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