Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Quinoa Buns with Flaxseeds

I found red quinoa for the first time and wanted to try it -- then needed to find recipes to make use of it, that's how it usually works with me :P

So I started checking at my friend Veganana… and was super curious to make these buns, they looked so appetizing!

NOTE: When I use flours I usually mix lots of them (specially gluten-free ones) because this means more nutrients; and that’s what’s more important to me. I can hardly imagine ever using conventional white flour again for this reason.

What I used in my version (check the complete list of ingredients on the link provided below):

Gluten-free flours -> 6 TBS Tapioca flour + 6 TBS Sweet lupin flour

Quinoa flakes -> Red quinoa (I had some cooked leftovers, so I used them)

I added 2 TBS Nutritional Yeast because I looooove cheesy stuff!

Based on a recipe from Veganana, my favorite Brazilian vegan blog!!! Click the link and scroll down for English version. Veganana is now gradually updating her blog with recipes in English, you’ll soon be able to enjoy everything she has to offer!

BRASIL: A Veganana é o máximo para quem gosta de receitas vegetarianas/veganas! Aliás, ela vende Nutritional Yeast para quem quiser, basta encomendar.

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