Thursday, September 25, 2014

Nut Butter Plantain Bars

I had a couple of ripe plantains and needed to use them. I found these bars and brought some action to the kitchen! (I changed the name because I believe Samoa Bars are only familiar to people in the US).

These bars are sooo soft, light and delicious! Except for the organic 85% chocolate on top -- just because I was lazy to make my own -- the rest is egg-free, flourless, vegan, lactose/sugar-free.

My substitutions (check original recipe for complete list of ingredients):

homemade almond butter -> Nut butter mix (what I had at home)
maple syrup -> Apple syrup (ran out of maple this week)

(Had to put liquids all together with plantains to be able to pulse)

coconut butter -> coconut oil (solid)

Chocolate Sauce
Simply melted dark chocolate (85 % cocoa) – NOT VEGAN, but you can follow the original recipe or make my coconut oil chocolate (I am making a batch now to freeze) to make it so!

Personal tips:

I admit choosing store-bought butters most of the time to spare my poor little blender. I made butter once or twice pulsing forever and it was just too much effort for not such a smooth consistency. But this is just me… I like Rapunzel items, they are widely known in Germany. Most important thing: choose sugar-free and organic whenever possible.

UPDATE: Made another version with the original maple syrup and almond butter ingredients to take to same friends and it was a big hit among “unhealthy” eaters! :P

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