Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Baked Carrot “Bacon”

Best way to have carrots! Also a big hurray to Liquid Smoke, I was eagerly waiting for for the postman with my Amazon order... 

This is nothing compared to the real one, so if you eat meat, just go for the real deal. Anyway, it’s tasty and useful in many ways – salads, sandwiches - and I hope it is somehow an inspirational recipe for vegans.

I sliced the carrots with a normal hand peeler, so they were really thin. I made 3 batches to check optimal baking time. So that’s what I found (I mean I flip them after the first minutes and bake again for the same time):


- 5 X 5 minutes = not crispy enough

- 6 X 6 minutes = some are crispy, some are not

- 7 X 7 minutes = they burned ;)

Find what best works with your oven, but I found 6X6 more promising, you must keepo an eye on them. SERVE IMMEDIATELY, they shrink and lose its crispiness very easily.


Have fun!


From Meet the Shannons


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