Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Homemade Almond Butter

Really. You. Need. Patience.

Took me close to 1 hour! I have a small food processor now (thanks, Mom!) and stopped to scrape the edges every 3 pulsing. Took a break, checked e-mails… Didn’t want to overheat the motor.

But worth it if you don’t want to pay 12 € for a small store-bought jar at the Bio Shop. 100 g raw almonds yielded aprox. 3-4 TBS of almond butter.

NOTE: As per the author recommendations, DON’T use wet almonds (previously soaked without drying them) or be tempted to add water, any oils, extracts or liquids in general. It will severely reduce shelf-life. In case you're making a small amount for immeadiate use, you can try it; but in case of adding oil, for example, it can change the taste.

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