Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Paleo Garlic Bread

Oh, you little delicious bastard :)

Been in a bread mood these days, trying every gluten-free bread possible. This doesn't disappoint! Trust me, you're gonna like it.

The dough is initially so gooey that you'll have the feeling it's not gonna work. But be persistent, it will come to a normal bread dough when you add the eggs and the coconut flour later.

UPDATE: I made 3 smaller breads because I wanted to have something for sandwiches and didn't try making it as 1 big unit. Then I noticed in the comments that the author herself discarded the "1 unit" outcome because when she gave it a bite she noticed it didn't properly cook inside. So, remember not to make big pieces, at least 3-4 "longies" or balls.

UPDATE 2: Made them again and this time baked for 55 min. at 150°C and they were even better!!! :)

From A Girl Worth Saving

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