Thursday, November 5, 2015

Autoimmune Protocol "Chocolate" Cake

This is an allergy-free cake. EVERYBODY can (and should) try this. I was a little worried aobut the carob because I usually don't like how it smells, but it was one of the best cakes I've baked so far, no kidding.

This comes from a blog that cooks AIP (Autoimmune Protocol). Free from processed sugars, no eggs, no nuts, no chocolate, no flour. A healthy mix of pumpkin puree (because they are here!), carob, plantains and banana! Use maple for the honey to make a fully vegan version (I did). If you don't have mace, ignore it.


Don't use ripe plantains, they will give too much of a banana flavour and will turn your cake into a banana bread for sure, I know my plantains! It MIGHT work with green bananas if you can't find plantains, but can't guarantee good results.

You can also sub raw cacao powder for the carob, but then it's not AIP anymore, if it's not an issue go for it.

Depending on your batter and banana sizes, you might have to bake longer, I needed 40 minutes!

From A Clean Plate

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