Thursday, September 24, 2015

Coconut Whipped Cream

Perfect and easy homemade whipped cream for topping vegan and dairy-free desserts. And I made it sugar-free ☺ I didn’t even whipped it for long because I was too lazy and I was already satisfied with the outcome.

And these were the two exceptions I've made for this recipe:

1) The use of canned coconut: I HATE canned stuff. I bought one can just for this recipe, because it seems you need to make the liquid separate from the cream overnight in the fridge. Sad that it was too late after I read through the comments to find I could have used pure coconut cream. I’ll definitely do it next time to avoid any cans.

2) The use of an artificial sweetener, Erythritol: I don’t use white sugar, period. This recipe asked for powdered AND white…. So I found no way to sneak my beloved
coconut sugar in to get the snowy results of a typical whipped cream.

From Healthy Happy

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