Monday, March 23, 2015

Manioc and Its Possibilities


Food community pal Adriano Torri (as well as his wife Silvia) is one of the most intuitive cooks I've ever seen. He specializes in gluten/lactose/egg-free recipes; a humble man that has lots to teach! He’s always searching for new possibilities for his beloved son Vicenzo, who has some dietary restrictions. Unfortunately he doesn’t have a blog yet, but I’ll let you know if he decides to write one.

Good thing about manioc is that it has a totally neutral taste. Sweet or savory, it’s your call. No milk, no eggs, no flour. I would not substitute the real things (normal cheese, milk, etc.) for it (manioc) if you can have them; one must know that this was specially thought for a family into a tight budget that also can’t go for any of the foods here stated.

Enjoy Adriano’s tips below!


Cooked manioc/cassava. That’s it!!! (Peeled & cooked in water)


The more water you add, the runnier it will be. Add less water to make it thicker/creamier.
Manioc cream cheese = Blend manioc with water. Add Nutritional Yeast and salt to taste.

Manioc spread = Blend manioc with water. Add garlic and salt. Spread over some artichoke or crackers.

Manioc ice ream/frappé = Blend manioc with water + honey + fruit of preference. Freeze.

Manioc mayo salad = Blend manioc with water. Pour into a bowl and add lettuce, carrots, cooked yacon, cooked yam, parsley and sprinkle olive oil and salt to taste. Mix everything.

Natural manioc mayo = Blend manioc with lime and Dijon mustard.

Salmon or chicken manioc spread = Blend manioc with water. Add shredded salmon/chicken and mix well.

Manioc flan = Blend manioc with water, vanilla. Sweeten to taste.

Manioc yogurt = Blend manioc with water, strawberry and honey. You can also add some lime for a “bitter” twist that resembles yogurt.

NOTE: After cooked, store in the fridge and use within 3 days.

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