Saturday, April 25, 2015

Millet with Vegetables

I made this huge batch to freeze to always have some nutritious REAL food at hand.

So yummy!!!

(Serves 8)

500 g organic millet
2 TBS olive oil to cook (NOT extra-virgin)
2 liters homemade vegetable broth (divided, 1 liter for the millet, another for the whole thing)

Vegetables (chopped):
2 zucchinis
1 big red pepper
1 big orange pepper
½ stalk of leek
1 red onion
Mushrooms, to taste
Salt, to taste
Fresh parsley to garnish.

Heat the oil in a big pan. Add millet and mix, letting it release some flavor. Add 1 liter
of boiling vegetable broth. Cook millet for 10 min. over medium/low heat. Add salt.
Add chopped vegetables and 1 extra liter broth. Add more salt, to taste. Cook for
another 10 minutes.

Drain excessive water and serve warm garnished with parsley. Let it cool before
freezing. You can add then some seitan stripes, organic tofu cubes... whatever.

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