Friday, August 24, 2018

Meat Lovers Seitan Meatloaf

I'm no meat lover, but this seitan recipe is simply awesome! I thought about trying this as an option in sandwiches like if it were a burger. Works perfectly.

VERY IMPORTANT: don't forget to line your loaf pan with foil, and then with parchment paper. If you fail to do that, the seitan is going to stick to the pan (I used a 18X cm, don't go for bigger ones because it will turn too flat, the meat doesn't rise).

Personal twist: Since I was breastfeeding at the time I baked this, I decided to make a few changes (I was avoiding onion, garlic and hot spices):

- 1 TBS garlic powder > 1 TBS Assafaetida
- 1 TBS onion powder > 1 TBS Assafaetida
- 1/2 tsp  Chile Garlic Paste > 1/2 tsp mild curry sauce

From Brand New Vegan

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