Monday, June 27, 2016

Vanilla Creme Cappucino Pudding "Mess"

This fells so light in your mouth, that you could easily eat it all at one sitting. It's one of the hardest recipes I've tested, but yet one of the most delicious desserts I've tried.

I must warn you: if you're sensitive to gooey stuff, you should know this is suyper gooey. And it's a lot of work trying to harden the layers. I ended up mixing all the layers (after one night firming in the fridge) into a "mess" because I couldn't manage to slice them even after that much time there. I actually think it tastes much better with all the flavors mixed that way. Just dropped everytjhing into a big bowl and broke the base and layers into the thing pictured here.

Personal note: I disagree a little with the original title: I hardly think it's a Pie, it's more like a pudding, really.

From One Green Planet

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