Friday, March 11, 2016

Raw Carrot Refrigerator Cake

Unbelievable. An easy-to-follow, moist and flavorful cake with grated carrots.

My tips:

1 - Instead of raisins, use dates (that's what I had at home anyway).

2 - Since I own a small food processor, there's no way I can blend everything together there. So, I always start with the dry ingredients and pour into a big bowl to mix manually later (I processed the nuts, then coconut, then the carrots, etc).

3 - Since I also have a hard time to turn cashews into butter or into a smooth thing, I also cheat and use cashew butter. The ratio for every 1 cup cashew = 1/2 heaping cup of store-bought cashew butter.

From The Rawtarian

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